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Important Point(s) to Note

  • It is required to login once daily (at the start of the trading day).

Login and Setup your Edelweiss Account

This section will take you through the step-wise instructions to log in, setup, and bind your broker into your AlgoBulls Account.

Before you Start

Keep the following information available before you start:

1) AlgoBulls Account Credentials

  • Phone Number

  • Password

2) Broking Account Credentials

  • Login ID

  • Password

  • Year of Birth

Let's Start

  • Visit the AlgoBulls Login Page and click on 'Edelweiss' under Login with your Broking Account

  • If you do not see your broker name, then click on + x more where x is the number of brokers


  • Type Edelweiss in the Search Box. and then click on the Broker Link that is shown in the search results


(1). Type your Login ID

(2). Click on the Proceed button


(3). Type your Password

(4). Make sure that Yes, This is my Security Image is ticked

(5). Click on the Proceed button


(6). Type your Year of Birth

(7). Click on the Continue button


Bind your Broking Account

The following steps will help you to make sure you have binded your broker account



For Help and Support, contact us on +91 80692 30300 or email us.

Last update: 2022-03-25