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Choice Broker

1. Login and Set up your Choice Broking Account

This section will take you through the step-wise instructions to log in, set up, and bind your broker into your AlgoBulls Account.

i. Before you Start

Keep the following information available before you start:

1) AlgoBulls Account Credentials

  • Phone Number

  • Password

2) Broking Account Credentials

  • User ID

  • Password

  • PIN

ii. Let's Start

  • Visit the AlgoBulls Login Page and click on login with your Broking Account.


  • If the broker name is not visible in the list, click on + x more (where x is the number of brokers) on the bottom right corner of the page.


  • In the search box, enter CHOICE, and then click on the broker link that appears in the list of results.


iii. Login with non-OAuth Method

  • Type the first few characters of your Broker Name.

  • Select the CHOICE broker.


Now Login to your AlgoBulls account. Provide data for the following fields and then click the Login button

  • Phone Number: The Phone Number you have used to Register/Sign-Up to the AlgoBulls website.

  • Password: The password you have given to Register/Sign-Up to the AlgoBulls website.


  • Now go to Broking Details and click add broker.


  • Choose the broker.


  • Now Provide data for the following fields:

    1. User ID: The ID given to you by your broker.

    2. Password: The password given to you by the broker.

    3. PIN


  • If the verification is successful, you will see the following message:


2. Support

For further support related to adding your Choice broker account, contact our helpful customer support team on +91 80692 30300 or email us at

Last update: 2022-08-18