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P & L (Beta)

This page shows the Profit and Loss of your trades in your account. All trades/orders in your account are updated real-time as and when the transactions take place. To get a better understanding, you can filter your activities using the filters, strategy, instrument and date range.



Filters will allow you to selectively search for a particular entry or entries.

  • Strategies - Choose one or more strategies to display them in the table below. These entries are populated as per the strategies opted/created by you.

  • Instrument - Choose one or more instruments to display them in the table below. These entries are populated as per the instruments on which your strategies are fired on.

  • Date Range - Give the date range to view the table for the selected strategy and instrument (if any)



The table covers the following fields:

  • Strategy - Name of the Strategy.
  • Instrument - Instrument on which the backtesting was run.
  • Entry Time - Entry Time of Trade.
  • Entry - Entry Type of Trade.
  • Entry Qty. - Entry Quantity of Trade.
  • Entry Price - Entry Price of Trade.
  • Exit Time - Exit Time of Trade.
  • Exit - Exit Type of Trade.
  • Exit Qty. - Exit Quantity of Trade.
  • Exit Price - Exit Price of Trade.
  • PnL - Pnl of the Trade.
  • PnL % - Pnl % of the Trade.


A look at the toolbar

Density - Choose the density of the data you see. Options are Larger, Middle and Compact


Full Screen - The current tab on your browser goes Full Screen. Click again to go back to normal. This is similar to pressing F11 on most browsers and operating systems.


Refresh - If you are not able to see an entry (possibly a most recent one) in the table, click Refresh to check again.


Settings - You can select which columns should be visible through here.


Tip: Press the Bell icon to see your most recent activities/events.

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