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1. Important Points to Note

  • It is required to log in once daily (at the start of the trading day) using the steps given in the Daily Activity section.

  • TOTP is required (mandatory) in order to place trades in your account.

2. Login and Set up your Zerodha Account

This section will take you through the step-wise instructions to log in, setup, and bind your broker into your AlgoBulls Account.

i. Before you Start

Keep the following information available before you start:

1) Developer Credentials at

  • EMail ID

  • Password

2) Broking Account Credentials at

  • User ID

  • Password

  • PIN

ii. One-Time Activity

This activity will help you to link your broking account to the AlgoBulls account via the oauth method.


  • If you have done this activity once before, then you can directly skip to the Daily Activity section


  • Enter your EMail ID and Password. Click the Login button.


  • Click the Create new app button.


  • On the Create a new app page, fill the following fields:

    • Type: Select Connect.
    • App name: Give the app name. Example: AlgoBulls Login.
    • Zerodha CLient ID: Give your Zerodha User ID.
    • Redirect URL: Give the value
    • Description: Give the description. Example: App for AlgoBulls Login.
  • Click the Create button.



  • Make payment once redirected to the payment gateway and then continue the below steps.
  • This API subscription has to be renewed periodically (monthly).
  • Now click on the newly created app name.


  • Copy the API key and save it separately for later use. Click on Show API secret and copy it too.


  • Use the API key and API secret to create a new Redirect URL in the following format:<userapikey>&s=<userapisecret>

    Example: If the API key is uS3r@piKey and the API secret is uS3r@pis3cr3t, then the redirect URL will be:

  • Paste the newly created Redirect URL in the Redirect URL field and click the Save button


iii. Daily Activity (Login)


  • Perform the following steps at the start of every trading day.
  • Visit the AlgoBulls Login Page and click on login with your Broking Account.


  • Type the first few characters of your Broker Name.

  • Select the ZERODHA broker.


Now paste your saved API key in the URL.

Example: If the API key is uS3r@piKey and the URL is:


then the new URL will be:


Press Enter after modifying the URL with your API key.

Now provide data for the following fields:

(1). User ID: The ID given to you by your broker.

(2). Password: The password given to you by the broker.

(3). Click Login button.


(4). PIN: The PIN given to you by the broker.

(5). Click Continue button.


  • If the sign-in is successful, you will re-directed back to the AlgoBulls website.


  • If you are facing issues with login, try the following steps:

    • Open a new tab.

    • Visit

    • Login with your credentials.

    • Logout.

    • Close the tab.

    • Perform steps (1). to (5). again.

3. Support

For Help and Support, contact us on +91 80692 30300 or email us.

Last update: 2022-06-02