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Strategist Profile


AlgoBulls provides a variety of trading strategies, but the brains behind these strategies are strategists who work extremely hard to create powerful yet simple strategies. The Strategist profile will help you recognize the strategist's work and strategies. Let’s take a look at what the strategist profile offers.

Strategist Details

View the strategist's details such as Name, Bio and Contact Information.

Strategist Profile

Strategist Profile Summary

Get the strategist’s profile summary details such as the total number of strategies, deployments, trades, wins, total loss, long trades, short trades, max gain, and more.

Strategist Profile

Explore the strategies

Explore the strategies developed by the strategist as per the marketplace. Analyze the growth, trading volume, and total trades of the strategist's strategy using the Heatmap. The marketplace is divided into 3 parts - Retail, Premium and HNI.

Strategist Profile

Retail strategies, Premium strategies and HNI strategies are displayed on the Retail Marketplace, Premium Marketplace and the HNI Marketplace respectively.

Strategy Cards

View the Strategy Cards created by the strategist here.

Strategist Profile


Use this search bar to look for strategies developed by the strategist. You can Filter or Sort these strategies. You can also search the strategies based on their duration.

Strategist Profile


You can click the < and > for changing pages. You can also choose to view 4/8/12 strategies per page.


Adjust the density by choosing the compact, regular or list mode.

1. Compact Mode

In this mode, the strategies are displayed in a compact view. You can click on the know more button to view the whole strategy.

Strategist Profile

2. Regular Mode

This is the AlgoBulls' default mode. In comparison to any other mode, the strategy card in regular mode has the most information.

Strategist Profile

3. List Mode

This mode displays all the strategies in the marketplace in a list view.

Strategist Profile

Last update: 2022-12-10
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