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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AlgoBulls? How does AlgoBulls work?

AlgoBulls is a state-of-the-art trading platform that provides 100% automated trading algorithms and has the ability to deploy multiple trading strategies for various asset classes like Equity, Commodities, Futures & Options, Currency across multiple exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, etc. Clients can select which algorithm strategies they want to follow and auto trade, or they can get their customized trading strategies developed as algorithms and get it deployed in live markets with the help of the AlgoBulls platform. AlgoBulls platform supports multiple brokers. You can get your broker integrated if it is not listed already.

Who can use AlgoBulls?

AlgoBulls is for anyone who wants a portion of their money professionally traded for them and does not want to try to analyze the markets, identify trades, and manage positions. A subscription of the AlgoBulls Platform allows you to have multiple trading systems working for you, finding trades and executing them for you, while you can sit back, relax and dedicate your time to finding better strategies, analyzing the results or work on your day job, etc.

Do you need any technical knowledge or anyone can start?

Absolutely not! Our automated trading platform connects with your trading account, and the expert algorithm strategies will do all the trading and manage the risk for you. You need not have any prior experience in trading or programming.

Why you need Algobulls?

Simple, if your account has not seen substantial growth during both rising and falling markets then AlgoBulls automated trading systems are the solution for consistent gains, no matter the market direction. You can easily choose a strategy from numerous strategies provided by experts and start trading immediately!

Does it work in bearish market?

Yes, AlgoBulls uses multiple trading strategies designed for falling prices that allow it to profit during a falling market (bear market). This is done through the use of short selling or inverse position.

What is the cost for Automation or How much does AlgoBulls charge?

For using the available strategies, there are no upfront fees. There is a small transactional fee, per transaction, which is mentioned on the Strategy Card. Also, you can subscribe to our monthly plans to avoid transaction cost. For building a customized strategy, the price depends on the complexity involved and the man-hours needed by our development team to develop it. To get an exact quote by getting in touch with us via Email or Phone.

How much investment required for trading?

Each strategy will give information about the minimum capital requirement for that particular stock. However, the capital required depends on two things: the quantity you want to trade and leverage given by your broker for that particular stock.

What is the risk return ratio and accuracy rate?

We have provided the backtesting data for all our strategies in the marketplace in which you can check the performance of the strategy. You can check details on the number of trades, profit, losses, hit ratio, and many more details in the summary section.

How long does it take to see results?

AlgoBulls focuses on trading the most active cycles and trends. These cycles and trends fluctuate in length each year, and as a result, it may take a few weeks or few months for your account to start showing returns similar to the returns seen in historical performance for each system/strategies. The typical return cycle can be from a month to a year. We have also provided the recommendation duration for each strategy.

Which segments are supported by AlgoBulls for trading? Also, does it limit to Indian markets only?

AlgoBulls platform is currently capable of trading with the following segments - Equity, Commodities, Futures & Options, Currency - and the following exchanges - NSE, BSE, MCX. If you are looking for something which is not covered here, please contact and we will get back to you. We are also coming up with a US market, so users will have the opportunity to trade in the US market.

What brokers are supported with AlgoBulls?

Currently, the AlgoBulls platform is compatible with Aliceblue, Alpaca, Angel Broking, Kotak Securities, Mastertrust, Zebu, Zerodha etc. If you are interested in running your algorithms on some other broker, please let us know. We look forward to integrating all modern broking houses in India with our platform soon.

Does someone need to leave the current advisor or broker in order to start algo trading with AlgoBulls?

No, the AlgoBulls system should be viewed as a diversification investment. The golden rule for investing is to never put all your money into one (investment) basket. Only a portion of your investment capital should be used with any investment strategy. So you can keep the majority of your capital with your advisor and broker and have the AlgoBulls platform trade a portion of your capital with the brokerage firm that supports our system.

How can I manage my risk in AlgoBulls?

We have our risk management tool from which you can control your risk and profit. Please ask our representative for help or email us on

How can I build my own strategy?

AlgoBulls provides build services where if you know coding then you can develop your own strategy by coding it. And if you are the one who does not know coding then we will code your strategy and develop it for you. for more click here

How can we code strategy through developers API and how does it work?

You can code your strategies using the pyalgotrading package. You will find the complete steps clearly explained as follows: * API description and usage * Tutorial which covers how to build, upload and use your own strategy.

To know more, click here and here.

What language is used for coding?

Python 3x.

You can use a local IDE like Pycharm, or code using a Jupyter Notebook. The choice of IDE is yours!

How can I upload my strategy on AlgoBulls platform?

You can upload your strategy through code. The complete steps on how to do so are given here.

Will my strategy be uploaded to the marketplace?

No, it will be visible only in your account. However, kindly contact us to get your strategy uploaded to the marketplace to earn more. We have a rigorous application process and a thorough testing cycle to make sure your strategy will be profitable to other customers in the best of times.

Can I backtest, paper trade and real trade through AlgoBulls?

Yes. See here and here.

Who is a strategist?

A Strategist is a certified stock market expert who has made his/her strategies available on the AlgoBulls platform as algorithms. These strategies can be used by the customers to connect with their broking accounts and deploy the strategies in the live markets in just a few clicks. Traders can select from the multiple choices of strategies as provided by the strategists on the basis of its back-testing reports and current running live status.

Can a trader view the technicalities of the strategies provided by the expert strategist?

Traders may or may not be able to view the technical part of the strategies provided by the experts as those remain the intellectual property of the strategists and it is up to their sole discretion if they would be willing to share the technical details. AlgoBulls system, however, will place the orders accurately based on the selected strategies in the traders’ accounts.

What is Test mode?

The Test Mode on AlgoBulls is a virtual simulation of the real markets. You can test a strategy in live markets without risking any money through Paper Trading, modify strategies using the Tweak option and test the past performance data for that strategy through Backtesting. Ensure the toggle button on the bottom left side of the website is switched to Test Mode.

What is Live Mode?

The ‘Live Mode’ is where you can execute strategies to begin real trading. Switch the toggle button on the bottom left side of the website to LIVE MODE. The choose strategy marketplace includes more than 100+ strategies that you can choose from; select a strategy, click execute and begin live trading. To avoid additional charges for services used in Real Trading, ensure you subscribe to a plan from the Plans & Wallet section.

What is paper trading and backtesting?

You can use the Backtesting method to test the past performance of an existing or tweaked strategy. You can use paper trading to see how the strategies perform in live markets without investing any real money. Please note that in both Backtesting and Paper Trading you will be charged if you don’t have an active AlgoBulls package. To avoid these charges you can buy the AlgoBulls package. Don’t forget to switch your AlgoBulls account to Test Mode before backtesting or paper trading.

What is tweaking a strategy?

If you'd like to tweak the strategies for Backtesting or Paper Trading , AlgoBulls also has a Tweak option. To tweak any strategy, click the Tweak button in the ‘My Portfolio’ section after choosing a strategy from the marketplace. You can change the parameters as per your choice.

What is the AlgoBulls Live Reports section?

AlgoBulls believes in complete transparency and that's why reports for every trade that you place, funds used and Profit & loss are reflected real time here. The Live Reports section has three sub-sections namely the p&l book, trade book and fund book. Profit and Loss of all trades in your account are reflected in the P&L Book . All active strategies are updated real time as and when the transactions take place in the TradeBook. The Fund Book has all the debit and credit details of your transactions with AlgoBulls

Last update: 2022-04-11
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