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Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

i. What is AlgoBulls? How does AlgoBulls work?

AlgoBulls is a state-of-the-art trading platform that provides 100% automated trading algorithms and has the ability to deploy multiple trading strategies for various asset classes like Equity, Commodities, Futures & Options, Currency across multiple exchanges like NSE, BSE, MCX, etc. Clients can select which algorithm strategies they want to follow and auto trade, or they can get their customised trading strategies developed as algorithms and get it deployed in live markets with the help of the AlgoBulls platform. AlgoBulls platform supports multiple brokers. You can get your broker integrated if it is not listed already.

ii. Do you need any technical knowledge or anyone can start?

Absolutely not! Our automated trading platform connects with your trading account, and the expert algorithm strategies will do all the trading and manage the risk for you. You need not have any prior experience in trading or programming.

iii. Does it work in a bearish market?

Yes, AlgoBulls uses multiple trading strategies designed for falling prices that allow it to profit during a falling market (bear market). This is done through the use of short selling or inverse position.

iv. How much capital is necessary for trading?

Each method will provide information on the minimum capital required for that specific stock. However, the amount of capital required is determined by two factors: the quantity you wish to trade and the leverage provided by your broker for that specific stock.

v. What are the risk-to-reward ratio and accuracy rates?

We have provided backtesting data for all of our strategies on the marketplace so that you may evaluate the strategy's performance. The summary section contains information on the number of trades, profit, losses, hit ratio, and many other factors.

2. Registration & Login:

i. How can I register?

You register with AlgoBulls in 3 simple steps:

Step 1:

Profile: Add your Name, Email & Phone Number. Click on ‘Get OTP’.

Step 2:

Credentials: Add the OTP & other credentials such as password.

Step 3:

Status: You can view the status of your registration here.

You can also register with AlgoBulls by clicking on the Login with Google option.

ii. Is there an AlgoBulls App that I can use?

Yes, you can download the AlgoBulls fast, secure and easy-to-use app for android phones. Download now.

iii. Is there any registration fee to join AlgoBulls?

No, there is no additional fee to join AlgoBulls. You can join AlgoBulls for free, join now!

iv. How can I login with my broking account?

You can login with your broking account. It requires a one time set up where you will have to link your existing/new broker. Once that process is complete you can login using your broking account daily. Login with your broker.

v. How can I Login using Google?

Use your Google account to Login with Google option.

vi. What is Login with OTP?

You can select the Login with OTP option too. Enter your phone number and an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Login with OTP now.

vii. I have forgotten my password, how can I login now?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here.

3. Broker:

i. Do I have to leave my existing broker to join algobulls?

No, the AlgoBulls system should be viewed as a diversification investment. The golden rule for investing is to never put all your money into one (investment) basket. Only a portion of your investment capital should be used with any investment strategy. So you can keep the majority of your capital with your advisor and broker and have the AlgoBulls platform trade a portion of your capital with the brokerage firm that supports our system. We support multiple brokers, to add or view our broker list, click here.

ii. How can I add my existing broker to AlgoBulls?

To begin trading, it is necessary to add your broker details and add your broking account. To add a broker account follow these 3 simple steps:

Step 1: From the AlgoBulls sidebar navigation select Broking Details in Live Mode and click on the Add Broker button.

Step 2: Select your broker and fill in the necessary information. Click on Confirm. Step 3: Once confirmed the broker will be added to your account. To visit the broker details page, click here.

iii. How do I edit or remove a broker?

You can remove and edit broker information from the broking details page. For more information on adding, removing and editing the broker details, click here.

iv. Are there additional charges to add a broker?

No, there are no additional charges to add a broker to your AlgoBulls account. You can add a new or an existing broker that is supported by the AlgoBulls platform for free.

v. Which Brokers are supported on AlgoBulls?

AlgoBulls supports multiple brokers, you can check the broker list here.

vi. Why is my broker not in the AlgoBulls integrated broker list?

While we are working hard to integrate additional broking houses in India with our platform in the near future, it is possible that your broker is not on our list of brokers. If you are interested in running the algo strategies on a broker that is not on our broker list, please contact us on You can also choose to add a new broker that is integrated in our system.


You can see the list of brokers in Live Mode only. Do ensure that you are in Live Mode before clicking the link above.

4. Plans & Wallet:

i. How can I add money to my AlgoBulls wallet?

After adding your broker with AlgoBulls, you can add money in the AlgoBulls account and subscribe to a package of your choice from the Plans & Wallets section in the sidebar navigation.

Step 1: In the plans & wallets section, enter the amount and click on + Add Money.

Step 2: Enter your phone number & email address and click on proceed.

Step 3: Choose your preferred payment method. Once the payment is successful the balance will be added in your AlgoBulls account.

Running out of balance? Add money now!

Know more about the Plans & Wallet section.

ii. Can I trade without subscribing to a plan?

Trading without a subscription is possible, however you will be charged for each service used as pay as you go. It is essential to have sufficient AlgoBulls money in your account. Once the balance is exhausted the strategy will stop. Know more about Plans & Wallets Subscribe to a plan now.

iii. How to subscribe to a plan?

To subscribe to a plan, you can choose a package of your choice from the plans & wallets section, these plans are active for a specific time duration. Hence all services included in the package will not incur any additional charges for that period. Know more about Plans & Wallets. AlgoBulls also offers a range of free plans - Subscribe for a Free Plan now!

iv. What if I want to try various services without a plan?

On AlgoBulls, you are charged for various services that you use.This may include backtesting, paper trading, live trading etc. If you have not subscribed to a plan, then the charges will be deducted from your AlgoBulls wallet. You can avoid incurring extra charges by subscribing to AlgoBulls plans. To keep a track of the usage costs, always check your Fund Book in the Live reports section.

v. Are there any free plans on AlgoBulls?

Yes, AlgoBulls offers various free plans. Subscribe for a Free Plan now.

5. Choose Strategy Marketplace:

i. What is Retail marketplace?

The Retail Marketplace includes carefully chosen trading algos, ideal for all levels of experience, whether novice or expert. The Retail section includes Equity, Futures & Commodities cash segment strategies. Know more about the Retail Marketplace.

Select a strategy from the AlgoBulls Retail Marketplace now!

ii. What is the premium marketplace?

Trade with our intelligent and powerful Index Option Strategies in the Premium Marketplace. Read more about the Premium Marketplace. Begin trading with a Premium Marketplace strategy now.

iii. What is HNI marketplace?

AI-driven trading algos tailored for the HNI clientele's individual needs and risk appetite.This marketplace also includes Index Option Strategies. Learn more about the HNI Marketplace. Check the HNI Marketplace now.

iv. What is a strategy card?

A strategy card has all the information you need about a strategy. To view these details, select a marketplace in the Choose Strategy Marketplace, search for the strategy you would like to view and click on the strategy card.

A detailed view of the strategy card will open. To begin trading with a particular strategy, click on the execute button to add it to your My Portfolio page. To know more about the strategy card, click here.

6. Build Strategy:

i. What is the build strategy?

AlgoBulls offers build services, so if you know how to code, you can create your own strategy. And if you do not know how to code, we will code and design your strategy for you.

ii. Do I need to know coding to build my own strategy?

No, you don’t need to know how to code. Our team of tech experts will develop the strategies for you, all you need to provide us with are the parameters and logic.

iii. What language are strategies built in?

Strategies are built in Python 3x. You can code in a Jupyter Notebook or a local IDE like Pycharm. It is entirely up to you which IDE you would like to use.

7. My Portfolio - Virtual Trading:

i. What is Virtual Trading?

The Virtual or Test Mode on AlgoBulls is a virtual simulation of real markets. In the Virtual Mode you can Backtest, Paper Trade and modify strategies using the Tweak option.

ii. How to begin virtual trading?

You can begin Virtual Trading in 4 simple steps:

You can backtest or paper trade on AlgoBulls in 4 simple steps. Before you begin, switch to Virtual/Test Mode by using the toggle button on the bottom left side of the sidebar navigation.

Also ensure that you’ve added a strategy from the Choose strategy marketplace.

Step 1: In the My portfolio section click on the Start button in the Action Column. A pop-up window will appear. The AlgoBulls virtual Broker is the default broker selected in the Choose Broker option.

Step 2: In the Customizations section choose Back Data for backtesting OR Live Data for paper trading. Select the duration option in the customizations section. Add the desired date and time, as well as the quantity/lots. In backtesting you will need to put the start date and end date along with time. In paper trading you only need to add the start and end time.

Step 3: Once you scroll below you will see the P&L tracker. Switch the P&L tracker ‘ON’ and enter your desired profit and risk appetite.

Step 4: Ensure you read the terms and conditions and then check the ‘I agree to the Terms and conditions’ box. Save & Start the strategy.

iii. What is backtesting & paper trading?

Backtesting is the method of testing the past performance of an existing or tweaked strategy. If you want to check how the strategies perform in the live markets without investing real money you can try Paper trading. Ensure the toggle button on the bottom left side of the website is switched to Test Mode.

iv. How accurate is virtual trading in comparison to live trading?

The only difference between virtual trading and live trading is that it does not involve real money or real markets, but it is as accurate as live trading.

v. How to use a virtually traded strategy in live trading?

If you are happy with a strategy after its virtual trading results you can begin real money trading by simply switching to Live Mode.

The backtested/Paper traded strategy will be added to your My Strategies section where you can simply switch them to Live Trading from the toggle button. The strategy will be added to your portfolio in Live Mode. You can Start the strategy and begin trading.

vi. Will I be charged for virtual trading?

Yes all virtual trading services such as backtesting, Paper Trading and tweaking a strategy have additional charges. However if you have subscribed to a package that covers these services, no additional charges will be involved.

AlgoBulls is currently offering a free backtesting & paper trading service. Subscribe to this free plan now.

8. My Portfolio - Live Trading:

i. What is Live Mode & Live Trading?

The Live Mode is where you can execute strategies to begin Live Trading. Switch the toggle button on the bottom left side of the website to Live Mode. The choose strategy marketplace includes more than 150+ strategies that you can choose from; select a strategy, click execute and begin live trading. To avoid additional charges for services used in Live Trading, ensure you subscribe to a plan from the Plans & Wallet section.

ii. How to begin Live Trading?

You can begin Live Trading on AlgoBulls with these 4 simple steps:
Step 1: Switch to Live Mode

Step 2: Select a strategy from the choose strategy section and click on execute. The strategy will be added to the portfolio & you will be redirected to the My Portfolio page

Step 3: To start the chosen strategy click the start button from the Action field. Select a broker, add the start and end time and Quantity/Lots.

Step 4: Use the toggle button to activate the P&L Tracker. Add the Desired Profit and Risk Appetite here. Click on Save & Start.


  • Please note that you will be charged for using these services, to get these charges waived off you can purchase a package with AlgoBulls instead.

Start Live Trading on AlgoBulls, explore strategies!

iii. Will I be charged for Live trading?

Yes, Live Trading services on AlgoBulls are chargeable. To ensure you don’t incur additional charges, you can subscribe to one of our AlgoBulls packages.

Other services that you can use without any additional charges:
* Adding a strategy from the Choose Strategy Marketplace

  • Viewing backtesting reports for a strategy from the Choose Strategy Marketplace

  • Tweaking (Change parameters of) a strategy

iv. How can I use a virtual trading strategy in live trading?

If you are happy with the strategy after its virtual trading results you can begin real money trading by simply switching to Live Mode.

The backtested/Paper traded strategy will be added to your My Strategies section where you can simply switch them to Live Trading from the toggle button. The strategy will be added to your portfolio in Live Mode. Start the strategy to begin trading!

9. Live Reports:

i. Where can I find my profit & loss reports?

The P&L Book shows the Profit and Loss of your trades in your account. All trades/orders in your account are updated real-time as and when the transactions take place. You can filter your activities using filters such as Strategies, Instrument and Date range. View P&L Book

ii. Where can I see charges applied on my account?

The Fund Book section shows all of the charges that have been applied to your account. Your most recent charges are displayed first, followed by earlier charges farther down the page. You can select your transactions by category and/or examine your transactions within a date range to gain a better understanding. Visit Fund Book

iii. Where can I see the trades made on my account?

The Trade Book displays chosen strategy activities in your account. All strategies executed in your account are updated real-time as and when the transactions take place. You can filter your activities using filters such as Strategies, Instrument and Date range. Visit Trade Book

10. My Strategies:

i. What are My Strategies?

The My Strategies page displays a list of all your strategies that you may set as Live Trading (Live Mode) or Virtual Trading (Backtesting/Paper Trading). You can add and manage all the strategies from the My Strategies page. Know more

ii. How to add a strategy from my strategies?

To add strategy from the My Strategies section, click the Add strategy button and choose from the Retail, Premium and HNI marketplace. Once you choose your marketplace, select the strategy of your choice and click execute. In this way you can add the strategy to your My Strategies and Portfolio page.

iii. How to add or remove strategies from Live & Virtual Trading mode?

To begin trading in live markets, switch the Live Trading toggle button ON and add a strategy. If you want to remove the strategy from the live markets, use the same toggle button to do so. To begin Virtual Trading (Backtesting/Paper Trading),add the strategy using the Virtual Trading button and disable it to remove the strategy from virtual trading.[Know more][]

Last update: 2022-11-15